Insomnia area-"active insomniacs" don't bet on health tomorrow

      Reporters interviewed in the neurology department of many hospitals in Shanghai and found that sleep problems are no longer a "patent" of middle-aged and elderly people, and are spreading to young people. The reason why many young people suffer from "insomnia" is mainly due to bad living habits, so they have an image of another name-"active insomniac".


      Work late at night to find inspiration

      34-year-old Ms. Huang's eyelids are swollen and her face is gray. She told the doctor: "Recently, I have fallen asleep every day, my memory has declined, my reaction is slow, and I often catch colds.

      Ms. Huang is engaged in print advertising planning. For a long time, she has been accustomed to meeting clients and checking information during the day, and designing at night. Over time, before zero o'clock, she couldn't get into work. When she was sleepy, she kept smoking and listening to music, and as a result, she began to suffer from insomnia. Recently, she tried to adjust the "biological clock", not working at night, going to bed early, but still "opening eyes until dawn".

     [Expert suggestion]

      The survey shows that people who sleep less than 5 hours a day will have greatly improved insulin resistance, and the prevalence of heart disease will be more than 30% higher than that of normal people. Lack of sleep will also accelerate skin aging and make women more likely to gain weight.

      If you want to get a good sleep, don't take medicine lightly. You can eat more red dates, lilies, walnuts, honey, sunflower seeds, or drink a glass of milk before going to bed.

     [Case] I can’t sleep if I don’t go to the bar

      In order to relieve work pressure, a 26-year-old foreign company employee, Mr. Ji, has often liked clubbing and drinking since last year. He now feels at a loss every night in the dead of night, and misses the flashing laser lights and deafening music in the bar. Especially when you are in a bad mood, if you don't go to the bar to sit for a while, you will be tossed in bed that night and cannot sleep.

      This habit of bar clubbing lasted for more than a year, and Mr. Ji became a bit "nervous": When sleeping, if the phone or doorbell rang, he would jump out of bed, his heart rate accelerated, and he couldn't recover for several minutes. In his own words, "It feels like someone stabbed my nerve with a needle. It's too exciting."

     [Expert suggestion]

      Insomnia has three manifestations: functional, drug dependence, and habituation. Mr. Ji belongs to habitual insomnia. People who are easy to worry about, have sensitive personality and white-collar workers who are under pressure and lack of exercise are prone to suffer from this insomnia. It is recommended that Mr. Ji reduce night activities and do some gentle exercises at the right time during the day to regulate the body and mind.

     [Case] Busy preparing for exams all night

      Graduation exams are getting closer, but Xiao Feng's learning state is getting worse: half of his homework will fall asleep, and he can only concentrate on listening for 10 minutes in a class.

      In order to gain more study time, Xiaofeng started staying up late this semester. Go to bed at 23 o'clock every day, wake yourself up at 4 o'clock in the morning, continue to study for 2 hours, and then "nap" until school time. During the day when the spirits are not good, he uses chicken essence and other nutrients to "hang the spirit". As a result, Xiaofeng can spend an average of 2 hours more study time a day. Unexpectedly, he fainted during an exam not long ago.

     [Expert suggestion]

      If you don't sleep well, you must learn well. If the human brain is not fully rested, not only will it not produce good learning results, but it will also have symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, and palpitation. In severe cases, it will also cause a decline in immune function, weak physique, loss of concentration, and memory deterioration.

      Parents should help their children adjust their learning methods to ensure that they sleep 8 hours a day. They should go to bed before 23:00. It is best to take a short nap in the noon to "charge up".

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