In addition to the sliding door wardrobe in bedroom furniture, the most important piece of furniture is bed. A comfortable bed can relax the whole body and mind. Now, as the structure of the room becomes more and more complex, many people now like to customize the bed, and the height of bed has a direct relationship with the quality of sleep and human health. Therefore, we need to know the appropriate height of the bed. Otherwise, we cannot make a comfortable and healthy bed.

What is the standard width of the bed?
When a normal person is lying down, the required width is about 500mm, but after going to sleep, there will be about 20-30 large-scale rollovers. Coupled with small movements of hands and feet, the body needs more than dozens of activities a night In this way, so whether the bed is soft or hard, it is easier to fall asleep and feel safe psychologically if the turning width is about 2.5-3 times the width of your shoulders.

What is the standard length of the bed?
The length of the bed refers to the distance between the inner sides of the bed board or bed frame. In order to ensure that the bed can meet the needs of most people, the length of the bed should be designed with a higher human body height. The length of the bed should be a person's height plus 5% of the body length, plus the allowance for pillows on the head and the allowance for folds at the ends of the feet, totaling about 150mm. That is (bed length) L = 1.05H (H person height) + 150mm.