LE FERME bedding collection summer silk quilt

$ 342 $ 898
  • Made from high-quality farm-raised silk, the summer silk quilts in the LE FERME collection are light and soft, comfortable and durable.
  • High air permeability and strong moisture resistance: silk has good moisture absorption and perspiration effect. When the temperature inside the quilt is too high and the human body perspires, silk can naturally and quickly absorb and dissipate moisture and heat, keeping dry for a long time, especially suitable for the humidity in Hong Kong Sultry weather.
  • Excellent warmth retention and natural temperature regulation: The silk structure effectively preserves human body thermal energy when it is cold, and maintains a constant temperature with high air permeability when it is hot, so as to achieve the effect of being warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Silk has the properties of anti-mite, anti-bacterial, skin-friendly and anti-allergic.
  • Only suitable for dry cleaning.
    • Delivery Time: 12 days (our staff will call you to confirm the order within 2 working days once the order is placed online). For more details, please click here.

    Delivery arrangement and additional fee: Additional charges are required for services include old mattress and bed frame disposal, staircases delivery, remote area delivery, etc. For more details, please click here.

    • Customers need to ensure that the ordered goods can meet the size of the building or other environmental restrictions ( such as elevator space, etc. ) . The company will not be responsible for the inability to enter the house or install the goods due to related factors. 
    • There are no refunds and returns for all goods after payment. If you have any enquiries, please contact the customer service department at +852 2155 9056. We will reply as soon as possible. 
    • During the receiving and installation period, customers must take care and protect their property, such as furniture, furniture, floors, walls and decorations. ASI will not be responsible for any damage. 
    • The consignee must carefully check and count the quantity of the goods before signing for the goods. Once the goods are signed, the company is no longer responsible for the goods. 
    • Delivery service will be suspended on public holidays. In the event of a typhoon signal No. 8 or above or a black rainstorm warning, the delivery service on the same day and the next day may be delayed or cancelled. The company will contact the customer to make arrangements. 
    • The company must do its best to deliver the goods to the delivery address specified on the order within a reasonable range; however, if there is any delay in the delivery service or failure to deliver due to reasons beyond the company's control, the company shall not bear any responsibility . 
    • If the customer fails to pick up or receive the relevant goods within 120 days after receiving the notice of delivery/240 days from the invoice date (whichever is earlier), the company has the right to dispose of the goods and related payments on its own. 
    • If the customer finds any existing defects or damages in the received goods, they can contact the customer service department within 7 days from the delivery date to arrange the replacement of the same goods, and must have the goods to be returned, complete packaging, and valid invoices. Make a return. 
    • The maximum size error of the mattresses produced by our company is +/- 1.5 cm. The error within this range is not counted as an error, and ASI will not change it for this reason. The color of the product may be slightly different, and the actual product shall prevail. Some series are equipped with display mattresses, welcome to the store to experience. 
    • The price displayed on the website at the time the customer's order is accepted shall be the official price, unless there is a manifest error in that price. While ASI endeavours to ensure that all prices displayed on the website are accurate, ASI does not warrant that prices are free of errors and reserves the right to correct the same. If ASI finds that the price of any product ordered by the customer is erroneous, ASI will notify the customer as soon as possible and give the customer the option to reconfirm or cancel the order. If ASI is unable to contact the customer, ASI shall unilaterally regard the order as void.


    Delivery arrangement:  

    How long does it take to receive the goods after placing the order? 

    After the customer places an order, the company will2Contact customers by phone or SMS within working days (Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays are not counted as working days). After the customer confirms that the order is correct, the order will be officially confirmed and the goods will be produced.  

    All mattresses are not available in stock, and the products will be counted after the company successfully calls to confirm the order or SMS to confirm the order.14to21Delivery within three working days (Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are not counted as working days); the delivery period of Australian-made and imported mattresses is determined by2to3It varies from month to month, depending on size and source of goods. 

    Delivery area and schedule? 

    Delivery date is Tuesday to Sunday morning10Hour to afternoon6Time (no time period for selection). 

    Remote areas: 

    Saigon, Clear Water Bay: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday 

    Tung Chung, Discovery Bay, Ma Wan: Wednesday, Friday 

    Stanley: Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday 

    Additional fee: 

    How to charge additional fees? 

    All surcharges will be collected in cash by the driver at the time of delivery and will not be charged at the time of online payment. 

    Under what circumstances will a surcharge be charged? 

    Extra charges for remote areas 

    Discovery Bay:$170  

    Staircase fee: 

    head5Fees for up and down stairs (6Starting from stairs1Floor): 

    Mattress size is48"/122 cm/4Feet or below:$50   

    Mattress size is54"/137 cm/4One-and-a-half feet or more:$90 

    Fees for going up the stairs from the 6th floor: 

    Mattress size is48"/122 cm/4Feet or below:$100 

    Mattress size is54"/137 cm/4One-and-a-half feet or more:$180(If you cannot enter the elevator/stairs, the delivery will only be downstairs) 

    Fees for stairs on the bed frame (excluding stairs fees): 

    The size of any bed frame per floor:$100 

    Demolition of the bed frame (service is only available to customers who purchase the bed frame): 

    Mother and son bed frame/Cabinet bucket bed frame: $300.00  

    Oil pressure/Bunk bed frame: $500.00  

    wardrobe/Overhead combination bed frame: $800.00 

    Disposal of old mattresses (excluding stairs up and down): 

    48"/122 cm/4Feet or below:$150 

    54"/137 cm/4One-and-a-half feet or more:$200 

    Village entrance fee (only for village houses): 

    head50M free, every subsequent50Meter $50 

    Hanging mattress fee: 

    First floor$ 300,Second floor $450,the third floor $600 



    啟發自傳統酒莊每年精挑細選產區的頂級葡萄釀酒, EMMAS 全新LE FERME寢具系列,同樣強調選材的重要性,嚴選來自優質農莊的珍貴資源,結合大自然的智慧,締造親膚舒適的床上用品,讓您一年四季盡享無憂的睡眠體驗。


    Silk-Light Summer Duvet

    填充物:50%蠶絲 / 50%聚酯纖維


    Silk-Light Summer Duvet

    聚酯纖維填充物:40%蠶絲 / 60%聚酯纖維


    • 蠶絲具有防蟎抗菌、親膚抗敏的特性。
    • 取材自農場養殖的優質蠶絲,LE FERME系列的夏季蠶絲被,質感輕盈柔軟,舒適耐用。
    • 保暖性佳,自然調溫:蠶絲結構於寒冷時有效保存人體熱能,炎熱時則憑藉高透氣度保持恆溫,從而達至冬暖夏涼的效果。
    • 透氣度高,防潮性強:蠶絲具備良好的吸濕排汗效果,當被內温度過高導致人體排汗時,蠶絲可自然快速吸收並散發濕氣與熱量,持久保持乾爽,特別適合香港潮濕悶熱的天氣。
    • 只適合乾洗。

    夏季蠶絲被 Silk-Light Summer Duvet  (尺寸)