How to identify moldy mattress? Prevention and treatment methods

Hong Kong belongs to a subtropical climate region, and the climate is extremely mild and humid most of the time. Molds prefer to grow in warm and humid places. Moldy mattresses are common in daily life. The black spots even gave off an unpleasant musty smell. Mold can grow all year round, so we need to clean the mattress diligently to prevent the mattress from getting moldy.

  • What is mold
  • Does it affect the human body?
  • How to deal with mold on mattresses
  • Ways to prevent mold in mattresses

What is mold

Molds, also known as molds, are fungi that are ubiquitous in the surrounding environment and grow rapidly. Mold reproduces by spreading through air or water through tiny spores that are invisible to the naked eye. When encountered in suitable places, such as high humidity and warm places, it is easy to multiply and form mold. The mattress is one of the suitable places. The mattress will be placed on the bed, and the bottom of the mattress will be in an airtight state for a long time. In addition, the accumulation of sweat secretion will also cause the mold to grow rapidly, and black mold will appear on the mattress. point.

Does it affect the human body?

We spend several hours in bed every day, and our skin is in direct contact with the mattress. Mold spores will rely on dust to float in the air and have the opportunity to enter the respiratory tract and lungs through the nose and mouth, thereby affecting human skin and respiratory health. . People with low immunity may cause headaches, fever, asthma, and inflammation of the skin or mucous membranes, while people with skin allergies may be infected by exposure to mold, which can produce carcinogens in severe cases. Therefore, if there is only mild mold on the mattress, it is recommended to clean it up immediately before continuing to use it. It is absolutely not allowed to sleep with mold. If it is not cleaned in time, it will cause more mold and microorganisms, which will endanger your health. If the mold is serious, it is recommended to discard the mattress to avoid affecting health.

How to deal with mold on mattresses

When we find that the mattress is moldy, there is no need to panic. The treatment method is very simple. Although there are many mold removal products on the market, it is recommended to use natural ingredients mold removal products, which are less harmful to the mattress and human health. Proceed as follows︰

1. Preliminary cleaning with a vacuum cleaner
首先使用吸塵機將床褥的表面吸附乾淨(包括頂部、底部和側面),特別是床褥發霉的位置要清理乾淨,然後清潔吸塵機,以免霉菌從空氣中走動。 注意: 清潔時需配戴口罩,避免吸入揚起的霉菌。 

2. Deep clean with bleach
清除床褥表面的塵埃後,可使用乾毛巾沾上少量稀釋漂白水,輕擦床褥發霉的位置,直至表面的霉菌徹底清除。 注意: 清潔時不要過份浸泡毛巾,以免毛巾太濕,因為濕布有機會令情況惡化。另外不要過度洗擦床褥,以免床褥吸收過多的水分。


3. Dry the mattress
清潔床褥後必須確保床褥完全乾透才可使用,可放置在陰涼的地方晾乾,亦可以使用風扇或風筒將床褥吹乾,甚至可以使用抽濕機加快抽濕。如使用風筒,必須使用低溫和保持風筒與床褥相距4-6吋,以免損壞床褥。 大部分人會將床褥放置在猛烈的太陽曬乾,因紫外線可以抑制霉菌成長,但不是全部床褥都適合這個方法。如床褥含有記憶綿和乳膠物料都不應該放置太陽底下直射,因紫外線會破壞物料的結構成份,加快組織老化和氧化,所以床褥盡量避免長時間曝曬。 

The above methods are all suitable for the mattress with a small moldy area. If the moldy area of the mattress is large, it is recommended to find a professional mattress cleaning company to deal with it, so as not to damage the quality of the mattress and shorten the life of the mattress.

Ways to prevent mold in mattresses

We need sleep and rest every day, and the mattress is in close contact with our skin for a long time, so we should prevent the mattress from getting moldy so that we can sleep peacefully.

1. Clean the mattress regularly
我們必須定期進行床褥清潔,從而延長床褥的壽命,絕不可以嫌麻煩,不要以為自己感受不到環境潮濕就不用清潔床褥,當發現床褥被霉菌大規模入侵時,清潔功夫就更費力! 我們應該最少每兩星期更換一次床單、被套和枕頭套,以免讓汗水、油脂分泌、皮屑等污漬滲入床褥。而床褥應每兩至三個月清潔一次,可使用吸塵機吸走表面的塵埃和污垢,保持床褥清潔。另外,我們避免將濕毛巾和衣服放在床褥上,亦避免當身體或頭髮濕透時躺在床上。 

2. Use a waterproof case
The mattress will be affected by moisture and breed mold such as human sweat and room moisture, so we can use a waterproof protective cover to spread on the mattress, which can block the external moisture and sweat from penetrating into the mattress and prevent the mattress from getting moldy. Make the mattress more durable.


3. Keep the environment ventilated and dry
Humidity is one of the main factors that make the mattress moldy, so I have to keep the room dry. You can open more windows or doors to allow fresh air and sunlight to enter the room to keep the air circulating. You can also place a dehumidifier in the room. To remove the accumulated moisture, you can also place a moisture-proof agent on the bottom of the mattress to absorb the moisture near the mattress and prevent the moisture from accumulating for a long time. When you get up every morning, you can open the quilt to let the mattress surface breathable, prevent human sweat and body temperature from remaining on the mattress, and keep the mattress ventilated and dry.

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