1. The warranty period is 10 years starting from the day when you receive the mattress. Customers must present all valid and original receipts or other purchase documents issued by our company or our authorized distributors during the warranty period in order to enjoy the warranty service.

  1. The scope of this warranty includes: Mattress springs, mattress internal frame, structural problems caused during the production process.

  1. The warranty does not apply to the following situations:

  • The mattress has been stored or assembled in an improper way, has been improperly used, abused, misused, changed its purpose, or has been treated with improper cleaning methods or cleaning fluids;

  • Normal wear and tear of the mattress, body indentation, cut, improper inflection, or damage caused by impact, bounce, or accident;

  • Damage caused by the mattress being placed on a bed frame that does not match the size or support capacity, such as a row frame or a net base frame;

  • The twists and turns and damage caused by improper movement;

  • The mattress is damaged by any external factors, such as sun exposure, humidity, dust, dust mites, etc.;

  • Slight depression of less than an inch and a half due to body depression;

  • Personal softness and hardness preferences and size errors caused by customer negligence;

  • Failed to provide all valid and original receipts or other purchase documents issued by our company or our authorized distributors;

  • Display items

  • Damaged mattress handle

  1. If your mattress has structural problems caused by springs and the internal frame of the mattress, and it meets the maintenance conditions listed in this warranty certificate, conditional depreciation maintenance will be provided free of charge for the first two years during the warranty period. The cost of replacing the mattress is as follows: (The company reserves the right to set the latest price)

The third year

30% of the latest discounted price

The fourth year

40% of the latest discounted price

The fifth year

50% of the latest discounted price

The sixth year to the tenth year

60% of the latest discounted price

  1. The maintenance scope does not include all transportation costs incurred by the recycling and delivery of the product.

  1. The scope of maintenance only includes the provision of repair or replacement services, and our company have sole discretion to repair or replace services. The warranty period of the replacement product is still counted from the day you receive the original product.

  1. If you need an on-site inspection, the first 3 years will be waived (counted from the day you receive the mattress) during the warranty period; thereafter, each on-site inspection fee will be charged for HK$250.

  1. The replacement product may be replaced by another model of the same or nearly the same due to discontinuation or supply.

  1. In case of discrepancies between the Chinese and English versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

The warranty terms and services are only applicable to Hong Kong and Macau.