Mattress Buying Guide

How to choose the mattress to sleep most comfortably?
A good rest will have enough energy to study, work, and do things. A comfortable mattress is an important prerequisite for a good and healthy sleep. So next, I will do the homework of making mattresses with you, and answer you one by one about the softness and hardness of the mattress, the types of mattresses, and how to buy them.

Is the mattress hard or soft?
Most sleep experts believe that people need to sleep in a place with sufficient support. When a person is lying on a hard mattress, the bones will bear more pressure, and the muscles can be relaxed, so that the blood vessels will not be compressed, and blood circulation will be facilitated. On the other hand, a hard mattress can also effectively prevent the waist from sinking during sleep, which is conducive to smooth breathing. Inhaling more oxygen will also improve the quality of sleep.

However, new research results point out that a mattress that is too hard is not suitable for people who have health problems such as back pain, scoliosis, rheumatism, arthritis, etc. Sleeping on a mattress of medium hardness can more effectively relieve such physical discomforts. symptom.

In addition, people of different sleeping positions and postures may also have their own preferences for the hardness of the mattress. For example, a heavier person may feel more support when sleeping on a hard mattress, but for a lighter person, there may be little difference. People who sleep on the side sleep on a softer mattress. The mattress better fits the body curve and is more conducive to maintaining the normal alignment of the spine. People who are used to sleeping on their backs or lying down may find hard mattresses more comfortable.

What kinds of mattresses are there?

Spring mattress
Spring mattresses are the most traditional type of mattresses. The springs will rebound immediately when pressure is applied. Spring mattresses generally support better. The spring structure of general spring mattress is mainly divided into the following four categories:

Bonnell Coils: This is the oldest structure. The spring barrel is shaped like an hourglass. The top and bottom are thick and the middle is thin. The two sides are connected by steel wire chains. The thicker the steel wire, the greater the hardness.

Offset Coils: This type of spring structure is similar to the Bonnell structure, but the top is usually a square shape to better connect with the adjacent coils, better support and support, which is conducive to fit the body curve, and the noise is relatively low.

Continuous Coils: The spring of the whole mattress is wound from the beginning to the end in an S-shaped spiral with a long steel wire. This structure is very stable. It is the strongest of all spring structures in terms of supporting force and pressure dispersion, and is very durable; It can provide strong support to the waist, but it is also difficult to fit the body curve. It will be more comfortable with a thicker cushion; in addition, the spiral structure also helps to reduce the transmission of motion;

Pocket Coils/ Encased Coils: Independent cylindrical springs are cylindrical, and each spring is individually encapsulated with fabric. Now many high-end mattresses use this spring structure. Although this type of mattress may feel softer, it actually supports The force is comparable to other spring structures, and it is easier to fit the human body curve, and the movement will be less transmitted. Turning around is not easy to affect the people around you.

Memory Foam Mattress
The memory foam has slow resilience. The memory foam mattress will adjust the shape according to your body shape to fit the body curve. When you get up, it will slowly return to its original shape. Many users who have back pain or joint pain have reported that This kind of mattress can improve the quality of sleep. Due to the slow rebound property, there is little movement, and turning around will not affect the people around them. However, when a person sleeps on a memory foam mattress, they will sink into the sponge and form a "pit". Turning over is not so easy, and it is easy to overheat. The quality of memory foam mattresses is largely due to the higher the density of high-density foam, the more durable the mattress.

Memory foam mattresses are usually stacked by different layers of sponges. Each manufacturer has its own design, but the sponges used are usually the following types:

Polyurethane foam: Polyurethane foam: the most common sponge material with good elasticity. Basically, this kind of sponge is used for ordinary spring mattresses and home cushions. Polyurethane sponge will wear out over time.

Memory foam: It is usually made of polyurethane. This type of sponge will remain intact, but it will rebound slowly and is 2 to 3 times more durable than ordinary polyurethane foam.

Latex foam: there is no chemical smell that may appear in memory foam, and it is more elastic than memory foam, can rebound quickly, support better, and is not so easy to store heat, usually hard memory Material of choice for sponge mattress.

Gel infused memory foam: Gel infused memory foam: It has a slightly faster rebound and better support than ordinary memory foam. The most important thing is that it can dissipate heat and cool down.

Test yourself

If possible, it is best to lie down and try it yourself. Put on loose clothes and easy-to-take off shoes. Try each position for 5-10 minutes to see if there is any discomfort. If you are in the same bed with someone else, it's best to lie down and try it together, so that you can know if you will be affected when the other half turns around.

It is recommended to choose the hardest mattress that makes you feel comfortable as much as possible. High hardness can provide strong support, but if it is too hard, it will cause excessive pressure on the body's stress points, which will make the spine unable to maintain its natural state and cause soreness. If you feel pain at some stress points after sleeping in bed for 15 minutes, it means the mattress is too hard; if it feels a little numb, it means it is too soft.

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