Refund policy


EMMAS Online Purchase Terms and Conditions


  • Customers need to ensure that the ordered products can meet the size of the building or other environmental restrictions((Such as lift space, etc.), Our company will not be responsible if the goods cannot be put into the house or installed due to related factors. 


  • There are no refunds and returns for all goods after payment. For any enquiries, please contact+852 2155 9056Contact the customer service department. We will reply as soon as possible. 


  • During the receiving and installation period, customers must take care and protect their belongings, such as furniture, furniture, floors, walls and decorations, etc., if there is any damage,ASINot responsible. 


  • The consignee must carefully check and count the quantity of the goods before signing for the goods. Once the goods are signed, the company is no longer responsible for the goods. 

  • Delivery service will be suspended on public holidays. In the event of a typhoon signal No. 8 or above or a black rainstorm warning, the delivery service on the same day and the next day may be delayed or cancelled. The company will contact the customer to make arrangements. 


  • The company must try its best to deliver the goods to the delivery address specified on the order within a reasonable range; however, if there is any delay in the delivery service or failure to deliver due to reasons beyond the company's control, the company shall not bear any responsibility . 


  • If the customer fails to receive the pick-up notification120Within days / from invoice date240The company has the right to dispose of the goods and related payments on its own if the relevant goods are withdrawn or received within days (whichever is the earlier). 


  • If the customer finds any existing defects or damages in the received goods, they can start from the delivery date7Contact the customer service department within days to arrange the replacement of the same goods, and you must have the goods to be returned, complete packaging, and valid invoices before they can be returned. 


  • The maximum size error of the mattress produced by our company is+/- 1.5Centimeters, within this range is not counted as an error,ASINo replacement will be made for this. The color of the product may be slightly different, and the actual product shall prevail. Some series are equipped with display mattresses, welcome to the store to experience.