Sleep Knowledge-World Sleep Day (Part 1)

With the approach of March, we are also about to usher in the annual World Sleep Day. So how much do you know about this holiday? LetEMMASLet's get to know you together!


World Sleep Day is organized by the World Sleep Medicine Association (WASM, World Association of Sleep MedicineThe World Sleep Day Committee on2008An annual activity launched in ‧ aims to arouse people's attention to the importance and quality of sleep, to increase the attention of social medical and educational institutions, and to promote the prevention and treatment of sleep disorders.


The annual event date is set at the Spring Equinox (Equinox) The Friday before, there is no fixed date. And each edition will propose a theme that fits the global trend. Before introducing the theme of this year’s festival, let’s review the previous events:


  • 2008: Sleep well and live awake (Sleep Well, live fully awake


  • 2009: Drive sober and arrive safely (Drive alter, arrive safe


  • 2010Years: Good sleep, healthy life (Sleep Well, Stay Healthy


  • 2011Years: Good sleep, healthy growth (Sleep Well, Grow Healthy


  • 2012Years: easy breathing, easy sleep (Breathe Easily, Sleep Well


  • 2013Years: Sleep well, enjoy the years (Good Sleep, Healthy Aging


  • 2014Years: Peace of mind, healthy life (Easy breathing, Restful sleep, Healthy body


  • 2015Years: When sleep is sound, health and happiness abound. (When sleep is sound, health and happiness abound.


  • 2016Years: A good sleep is an achievable dream (Good Sleep is a Reachable Dream


  • 2017Years: sleep well, keep good health (Sleep Soundly, Nurture Life


  • 2018Years: Join the sleep world, maintain your rhythm, and enjoy life (Join the Sleep World, Preserve Your Rhythms to Enjoy Life


  • 2019Years: healthy sleep, health and longevity (Healthy Sleep, Healthy Aging


  • 2020Years: better sleep, better life, better planet (Better Sleep, Better Life, Better Planet



This year’s World Sleep Day will be set on3moon19Day, brought the theme: "Sleep regularly, a healthy future" (Regular Sleep, Healthy Future, It aims to emphasize the importance of sleep for improving the quality of life and improving global health. A good and regular sleep not only helps the body's normal metabolism, but also helps increase memory.In the next issue, we will introduce this year’s theme and the meaning behind it in detail, don’t miss it!





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