Sleep Knowledge-World Sleep Day (Part 2)

In the last period,EMMASI gave you a brief introduction to the founding story of World Sleep Day and reviewed the sleep day themes over the years. Today we will focus on this year’s sleep day theme. Let’s take a look!


This year’s sleep day theme is: "Sleep regularly, a healthy future" (Regular Sleep, Healthy Future). Regular sleep can start a better and healthy life.Studies have shown that stable bedtime and wake-up times are beneficial to young people as well as middle-aged and elderly people, and help improve sleep quality. Mastering a good biological clock is more conducive to release of stress and a happy mood.bringBetter mental state and academic work performance.


Sleep is closely related to many physiological systems, including memory, hormone regulation, cardiovascular regulation and so on. Therefore, insufficient sleep time or poor sleep quality will lead to a series of adverse effects of the body. In particular, long-term deprivation of sleep can easily cause impairment of cognition and execution, and psychological problems.


So what should we do to achieve healthy sleep? The World Sleep Day Committee has put forward the following suggestions for your reference:


  • Fix the time to go to bed and fall asleep
  • Try not to exceed the nap time45minute
  • Before going to bed4Hours, avoid excessive drinking,Reduce smoking
  • Before going to bed6Hours, avoid caffeine intake, including coffee, tea, soda, chocolate, etc.
  • Before going to bed4Hours, avoid eating spicy, sugary foods
  • Exercise regularly and reduce strenuous exercise before going to bed
  • Choose comfortable bedding
  • Maintain the temperature that the room adapts to,And keep well ventilated
  • Reduce noise and create dimness,Good sleeping atmosphere
  • Don't work in bed, you should get up when you wake up

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