Sleep knowledge-how to improve sleep quality?

Faced with various life pressures every day, urban residents will inevitably encounter problems such as insomnia and poor sleep. Even if they feel tired, they still can’t fall asleep, which indirectly leads to extremely low work efficiency the next day and a lack of happiness in life. high. In order to make our bodies healthier and life better,EMMASWe will recommend the following methods to improve sleep quality:


  • Exercise more sweat

Try to take time out every week for aerobic exercise, such as running, dancing, cycling, etc., which can effectively promote body metabolism and blood circulation, drain body toxins and moisture, improve mental state, and make it easier for you to fall asleep.


  • relax

Learn to regulate your emotions, release stress, and bring more positive energy to yourself. Watching a movie, listening to music, meeting with friends, venting negative emotions, improving your happiness index, and falling asleep more at ease.


  • Use aromatherapy to help sleep

The smell helps balance the endocrine, immune system and nervous system, so that you have a better quality of sleep. Lavender helps calm the mood, cedarol helps relieve fatigue, chamomile reduces anxiety symptoms, and lemon calms and relaxes……


  • Stretching before bed

Do some relaxing stretching exercises before going to bed, such as yoga, Pilates, etc., massage the tight shoulders, neck, back and calves to relax the muscles, eliminate fatigue, and help you go to sleep faster.


  • Improve through diet therapy

Insomnia may be related to weak spleen and stomach and heavy moisture. Chixiaodou, barley, ginger, etc. help dispel dampness and detoxification. In addition to soups, health drinks such as barley water and ginger tea are also very effective.


  • Choose the right bedding

"One-third of your life is in bed", a set of comfortable and suitable bedding can greatly improve your sleep quality. Everyone's sleeping posture, height and preference are different, and the suitable bedding is different. We should go to the physical store to experience it, try it out15-20Minutes, choose bedding products that can properly support your spine.EMMASMattress wonCDAHKChiropractors are certified to effectively protect the normal physiological curve of the spine and provide you with a comfortable support that fits different body parts.

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